TLC's Roots

Transformed Landscaping Co. was founded by Ronald Dean Weaver Jr. in 2014. The outdoors as well landscaping has been a part of his life since childhood. His first job was pushing a mower and planting trees & flowers at a grocery store with my father. "Looking back on my experience, working with my dad and friends in the outdoors were some highlights of my childhood memories with my dad." At the tender age of 15, Ronnie's entire world changed and he was left in a state of disbelief when his father suddenly passed away. "I was lost with no direction in all facets of life. I fell into trouble with substance abuse which left me out of touch with Mother Nature and under the delusion that I had lost my connection with spirit."


In 2013 at the age of 27, his entire world changed once again after sustaining a near-fatal head injury which left him hospitalized and in a coma for 3 days. This time, Ronnie chose to take a completely different path. He chose to open his mind to a new way of living. Through his recovery and realigning with God, Ronnie's life has radically transformed beyond his wildest (flower) dreams. "I was able to recreate my life through spiritual devotion, selfless service, discipline, honesty and doing my best in all that I do." In addition, he has served as a mentor to countless men who also struggled with similar trials. It is here where Ronnie has found some of his greatest satisfaction. Through his desires to bring his own awakenings into all aspects of his life, he decided to weave these fundamentals into his work life as well. The result, Transformed Landscaping Co. came to manifest. TLC’s team consist of men looking to grow in mind, body and spirit in efforts to reform themselves, their outlook, and contribution to the world.